Recording & Editing Software

The king of CD burning software in the Mac world is Roxio’s “Toast.” The full version includes a very nice piece of software called “Spin Doctor.” It’s extremely intuitive and super easy to use. The software will capture your recording as a single stream for up to 2 hours of recording time. Once you stop a session, you can either save to a file or edit it down into tracks on the spot. The interface allows you to send the mix to Toast for a CD copy.

Spin Doctor allows you to adjust the track lengths easily. This is where you want to find an accurate reference for the track lengths of the published CD. If you have matched the track lengths perfectly, then the disc will be recognized by Gracenote. iTunes will fill then in all the artist info, titles, year and other disc info. You may have a bit of editing to do there. I, for one, despise the genre name “Alternative.” To what? The CD will often have a different year from the vinyl, etc… Still, you will be assured that you have set the tracks correctly if everything matches.

After you open “Spin Doctor,” you will want to set the levels, check the turntable speed, and make any EQ adjustments. Listen with monitor headphones to verify the sound. Hit record and play the disc(s).

A few practical notes:

If you’re recording a double album, you will generally have one CD for each LP, as the standard CD holds only 80 minutes of audio recording. Look at the reference docs for the CD to see if you have the same track order, etc.

If making a mix of 45s, you can hit pause in between flipping discs to make sure you don’t extend beyond the two-hour session limit.

Set a timer if you’re going to walk away from the disc. Most LPs are about 20 minutes a side. 


70’s Funky Basement Party Mix

The party starts out dancing to some funky grooves, but soon goes for slow dancin’ and squeezing tight. This time warp mix features KC & The Sunshine Band, The O’Jays and some Commodores. All recorded from vintage vinyl, the tracks are both Sides A and B.


Listen to “Dancehall Reggae” (No. 1)

A mix of Dancehall Reggae 45s from Jamaica, these are the real deal. Title track on the A Side and Riddim version on the B, all on authentic Jamaican vinyl. I’ve digitized these using the process I describe on my blog “Drop The Needle.” Get ready to chill out.