Recording 78rpm vinyl at 45rpm – You need manufactured speed!

Most record players made after the 1960’s dropped the 78rpm speed setting. As the labels  switched to both longer playing records (the 33&1/3) and cheaper, more portable discs (the 45rpm single), the older format was quickly made a relic. But, if you have some precious vinyl that is meant to play at 78, but your recording deck only goes to 45 — it turns out that’s a fairly easy problem to fix, IF you have a tempo/pitch adjustment in your recording software.

– Simply record the disc normally at 45rpm.

– Open the file in your waveform editor.

– Set the Pitch/Tempo setting to 173.333% (the result of 78 ÷ 45) and select/apply the tempo to the entire file.

– Now, edit and split the tracks as normal.

– Pretty cool !


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