Seven Significant Singles (No. 3) – Stax Records in the Sixties


For the first “Label Issue” of Seven Significant Singles, we take a listen to Stax. Born in Memphis, TN, this label pressed some of the sweetest Southern Soul records ever. There is a fusion of gospel, funk, jazz, and the blues recordings. Since the last issue was about Northern Soul, we’ll take a listen to what was going on down south in this era. It makes the most sense to put these in straight chronological order, and to start with not only one of the most important instrumentals of the 20th Century, but also the first single from Booker T and the Memphis Group. Also in this issue: Rufus Thomas,Sam & Dave, Eddie Floyd, Johnnie Taylor (twice), and Judy Clay & William Bell. Here’s 35 minutes of the sweet soul of Stax.

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