Sounds Like Vinyl is a website devoted to the art and craft of re-recording vinyl records in the digital format. Let’s face facts — you love records, or you wouldn’t be here. However wonderful your collection might be, the medium does not lend itself to portability. There is also a charm and warmth to the sound of vinyl records, like the crackle of a fireplace, or the pop of an old two-stroke motorcycle. Hearing that same classic vinyl sound coming our of your MP3 player, iTunes library or cloud mix is just fun.

I started recording vinyl more than ten years ago. In the beginning, I had to figure out the basics on my own. I have learned a lot about the craft and I hope to share with you some useful ideas about the process. You’ll find some tips and tricks here to make the best possible recordings. Feel free to shoot me a general question and maybe I can help. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy !

– Tony Reid


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  1. Hello Tony,
    My Father has been looking for “Black Denim Trousers” on 45 for ever. He is the singer on the tune.
    I noticed you have this record on your website and was wondering if you might have this record for sale.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you,
    Brett Otte

    • Wow! I have never sold a record from the collection. I got the 45 as part of a box set on eBay, which has a hand-numbered track list and catalog sticker. I would really hate to part with the disc, put I can make a CD copy to send to you. I’ll even scan the disc and make that the cover. Any chance that you’re in the Los Angeles area?

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